2020 DATES : SEP 29 – OCT 4


To our valued friends, fans, sponsors, artists, venues, stakeholders & you the public, we are announcing today that the scheduled festival dates for this year’s festival 29th September to 4th October will not proceed due to the current Covid-19 situation. 


We have left this decision until as late as possible but with each passing day it is looking less likely we can stage the event safely. Even today I have received calls & enquiries so we can’t leave this decision much later.

Our only option is to postpone the event until, hopefully late November (20-22 or 27-29) & by that time we may be able to run an event of some type even if it is shortened to be just 3 days. The events of the next 4-6 weeks are crucial in making that decision and if we go with that option you be contacted again direct one on one to advise. There will then be a further release not later than early October. If the situation has not improved by then, we may not be able to stage the event at all this year.


Most importantly we are not cancelling , we are taking a pragmatic approach to put the festival back to as late as possible in the hope that we can stage it in some form this year.


Stay in touch, like the Facebook page & watch this space! If you require more information, email john_jle@tpg.com.au

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