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          Our Buskers are Back…again.

For the past 17 years, the spring school holidays have been a time of fun and frivolity in Coffs Harbour thanks to the wit, daring and antics of many talented street performers visiting the city.

And this year, talent from near and far will be on show at the Coffs Harbour International Buskers and Comedy Festival to make you laugh, gasp and inspire you. Here’s a rundown on some of the performers coming to entertain us.

Flying Dutchman (Michiel from Netherlands and Jean-Michel from Canada)

This headlining act has been entertaining audiences around the world since 1989. They have been described as the best juggler and best unicyclist team on the planet. They have a uncanny ability to engage with audiences wherever they perform…perhaps it is because they can deliver their show in six different languages…English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. So let’s make them welcome, bienvenue, willkommen, bienvenido, benvenuto and yokoso.

Clown Loto (Japan)

From Nagoya in Japan, Clown Lotto has mastered the mirth of eastern and western cultures for his pantomime performances. Without speaking a word, Japanese or English, he uses a whistle and the contortions on his face and colourful costume to make you giggle and laugh.

Kiki Kooky Pretzel (Kazador)

Believe it or not, Kiki is supposedly a Kazadorian Princess. Yeah sure. But she is  also a humanitarian and international ambassador for funniness and physical comedy. She gets herself into all sorts of trouble trying to squeeze through a tennis racquet, and keep a straight face! Sometimes she even has to get help from her audience .

Popeyed and Son (Tasmania)

These guys are not your average knockabout blokes. They are a masterful father and son circus duo skilled at thrilling you with their acrobatic performances. Strength, style and daring with a little comedy thrown-in, their show will leave you laughing and amazed and popeyed at their close working relationship and blind trust between them. Fun for the kids and fantastic eye candy for the mums.

Sports Suzie (New Zealand)

A kind of Sporty Spice, dressed in red running shoes, shorts, shirt and head band (and bright red lipstick) Suzie is a crazy Kiwi with her own style of aerobics, sport and circus show …like riding a ridiculously tiny bicycle, skipping while on a 2 metre unicycle, and juggling dumbbells. Suzie does all the hard work, you just have to watch and laugh.

Special Children’s Show sponsored by Unrealestate and Geoff King Motors. Wednesday 3rd October at the Coffs Harbour Showground.

Starting at 10 am children will be entertained by international buskers, Kaboodle the Clown, the Flying Dutchmen, Sports Suzie, Clown Loto and other roving acts. Plus, there will be two exciting rides on site…the Hells Bells Junior Roller Coaster and the 10 Metre Super Slide. The venue has both shade and undercover areas so the show will go on no matter the weather. This is a ticketed event so be sure to visit the festival website to b

Unrealestate Adult Comedy- Pier Hotel October 2,3,4. 

Lindsay Webb (Australia) - our favourite stand-up comedian will be MC for the Unrealestate Adult Comedy shows. He will headline a feast of adults only comedy for three nights at the Pier Hotel on the 2nd, 3rdand 4thOctober. And by special arrangement with the Ministry of the Arts in Kazador that seriously naughty KIKI will perform adults only material. Umit Bali (Turkey via India) – another comedian but with a twist, his hilarious observations are from a migrant’s point of view. 

And there are more performers to enjoy…

Epic Darren (Australia) – Aussie larrikin and daredevil on a motorbike, Kaboodle the Clown from the Gold  Coast  after an 8 month stint at the Beijing International Art School, 92 year old MORSE CODE MAN, a veritable Einstein of the lost art of deciphering Morse Code. Inspired by the Russell Crowe movie “Enigma” and after 40 years of service in the PMG, VIV Wolfenden will be showcasing his skill and challenging locals to send him a message in Morse Code that he can decipher in less than 5-10 seconds. This astonishing skill will be on display all week.


For further Information, schedule, venues and ticketing visit,

and mark in your diary the Coffs Harbour International Buskers Festival 2-7 October 2018.

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